Undergraduate Teaching

GSyC undergraduate teaching duties include mainly computer networks and operating systems lectures, using GNU/Linux based labs for its practical lessons. Its subjects include networking, UNIX system administration, programming in several languages (shell, Java, C, Python, Ruby), mobile devices and web development. Since 2007, GSyC has an on-line subject of Free Culture with students from all over Madrid under an on-line joint program supported by the six public universities in the Madrid region.
There are some postgraduate teaching activities in two official masters: a first one on telematic systems and computation and a second one on telecommunication networks in developing countries. Official masters in the new Bologna environment count for public service and the later study of a PhD.

Master on Telematic Systems and Computation

Master on Libre Software

GSyC/LibreSoft offers also a master on free software that conducts to a title by the URJC with two editions: one in Galicia and since this course an edition in Madrid. The methodology used in the Madrid edition of the master is based on blended learning (b-learning) which groups the best part of on-site and on-line learning with heavy use of a Moodle web-site, support in IRC channels and mailing lists and individual and group activities that make the learning process student-centric. This kind of teaching philosophy allows professionals to have access to the master as well as to save time in transportation in, around and to Madrid.

Educational Designs on Libre Software

One of the major goals of the group has been to design graduate and especially postgraduate educational curricula. In this regard, GSyC/LibreSoft lead a project towards the creation of an European common masters program that can be shared among various universities (MoLOS: Master on libre (open source) software) allowing the exchange of students.

The MoLOS proposal has has been enhanced in successive projects, for example in the EU-funded CALIBRE (2004-6) and the current NESSI Education Track (2008-10). The group has helped as well in the design of the master on free software by the Open University of Catalonia, helping as consultants and creating teaching materials that are publicly available (and have been translated into English).

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