Making cmetrics more user (and research) friendly

Making cmetrics more user (and research) friendly Published by lcanas on Wed, 2011-03-09 16:37 Israel Herraiz made some changes in the master branch of cmetrics and created a tag for the code that will be part of a new release of CMetrics in the next weeks. This new version of CMetrics is now more easy […]

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University Rey Juan Carlos joins FTA Associate Network

The Free Technology Academy has recently announced the incorporation of the University Rey Juan Carlos (Spain) to its Associate Partner Network, through the participation of the LibreSoft research group. One of the main research topics at the LibreSoft group is the quantitative measurement of Free Software development patterns and characteristics in order to gain knowledge […]

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OSOR is nominated for the Focus 2010 awards as finalist.

The Open Source Observatory and Repository is being running since some years as a solution to the demand of free software for the European public administrations. This platform offers a place where public administrations will be able to find a lot of software spread along the free software forges of the entire European continent. Currently […]

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Practical Guide to using Free Software in the Public Sector

Practical Guide to using Free Software in the Public Sector has been published recently in the OSOR web site. This guide is under Creative Commons “Attribution + ShareAlike” licence and has been authored by Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz. This guide explains some basics about software to help non technical people to understand the importance of the code […]

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