Top Metrics to Track for your Open Source Community

Often just know that something is working is not enough. Knowing how and why something is working can be important to its future success. Conversely it is just as important, if not more so, to understand why it’s not working. Tracking metrics is one way to point out an open source community’s strengths and weaknesses, […]

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The Impact of Openness – Creativity on Education

Openness in education has changed over time and now more than ever in this digital age we live in, it has an even more positive impact on education than a decade ago. Creativity is playing a larger role in the educational environment when it is combined with open educational resources. Openness is ever-changing In 1969, […]

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Open Source Project Management Risks

While the benefits of open source software are many managing an open source project does not come without some risk. Every project comes with an element of risk, and just how much risk there is can be broken down to two components; perceived risk and real risk. Being aware of potential risk can often help […]

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