University Rey Juan Carlos joins FTA Associate Network

The Free Technology Academy has recently announced the incorporation of the University Rey Juan Carlos (Spain) to its Associate Partner Network, through the participation of the LibreSoft research group.

One of the main research topics at the LibreSoft group is the
quantitative measurement of Free Software development patterns and
characteristics in order to gain knowledge on the development process,
mainly by studying the different agents that participate in it, the use
of development and development-supporting tools and the methods used.

“The FTA initiative allows us to share and build together with other
universities working in similar fields. ‘Free Technology’ is a wide
field where diverse approaches and perspectives can co-exist and
complement each other. We want to collaborate with the FTA in order to
enable that diversity.”

The URJC LibreSoft group will contribute courses like Quality Assessment
of Free Software, one of its main research topics, to the FTA
programme. Apart from that, the LibreSoft group is involved in the
taskforce for an International Master Programme in Free Software, where
FTA partners cooperate to design a common curriculum.

FTA founding director Wouter Tebbens about LibreSoft/URJC:

“LibreSoft members have been contributing to the FTA in many ways for
a long time. Several of their members are authors of FTA course books
and Jesús M. González-Barahona is a member of the Scientific Council
from the beginning. We share the principles of cooperation, free
software and free knowledge and it is a great honour and pleasure to
work more closely together.”